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At Hedgewood Equipment, we are always innovating and looking to expand our customer base. As we work with farmers and ranchers, we look forward to sharing our experience with them as well as other organization updates and news!

Skyview Farms

Streamlining the Calving Operation With Hedgewood Equipment

Laura and Aaron Cunningham, owners and operators of SkyView Farms near Nora Springs, Iowa, attended a Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers (CSIF) event to learn more about calving under roof and they knew it could be a great option for them. Limited access to pasture ground has prompted many Iowa livestock farmers to transition their cattle to sheltered spaces. The Cunninghams’ operation now successfully resides within a calving barn built using free, expert regulation and barn siting guidance from CSIF.

Ryan & Chad Pontier

Giving the Family Farm an Edge With Hedgewood Equipment

Brothers Ryan & Chad Pontier farm with their family in Clarke County near Osceola. Just a few years ago, the Pontiers decided to add a calving barn to their operation. Ryan explains the process he and Chad went through, including calling the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers and utilizing EQIP, as well as what their experience has been now calving under roof.

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